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My therapy app, ThruLine, is the logical culmination and practical application of my Guiding Principles.

ThruLine is an app that helps people take responsibility and make real progress on important issues in their life.

ThruLine is especially designed to help you maximize your investment in psychotherapy, but can be used whether you are in therapy or not.

The focus of the app is to Build Awareness, by creating a through line from one week to the next, so you can be actively thinking about and working on your Focus Points; and you can be taking pragmatic Steps toward positive change.

Whether you are working with a professional or not, ThruLine gives you a quick, easy way to enter information from each therapy or self-improvement session, including:

  • the primary Theme of the session;
  • the main Focus Points to remember and build awareness around after the session;
  • the specific goals or Steps that you will take before the next session.

Set the app to create notifications to remind you of both your Focus Points for the week, and the Steps you will be taking this week.

ThruLine will also help you to:

  • keep track of your Choices and behavior with regard to Food, Physical Activity, Alcohol, and Sleep;
  • define your own individualized issue or behavior that you would like to track;
  • periodically rate and track your Mood, Anxiety, and Energy Level;
  • correlate and graph the relationship between your daily Choices or behavior, completion of Steps, and your Mood, Anxiety, and Energy Level;
  • share (via email) your Session Theme, Focus Points, and Steps with your therapist or counselor, or any other members of your health team.

Finally, in the Tool Kit, ThruLine helps you create an ongoing record of what you have learned about What Works for you.

See ThruLine on the iTunes app store here.


  • Rotate phone to landscape position (horizontally) from anywhere in the app (except the Graph page) to access the How am I feeling? screen, to enter in ratings on your mood, anxiety, and energy level.
  • From the Graphs screen, rotate phone to view the graph in full screen.
  • After entering in information on a Choice option, touch the Choices tab to return to the main Choices screen to enter other Choices data.
  • To delete various items throughout the app, slide to the left.